Five 9’s Consulting

Five 9s Consulting has the experience and depth of knowledge to assist companies with understanding the need to be ready and move into the new IT-compliant world.

Five 9s Consulting offers Governmental compliance consulting, vCISO, vCIO, Board of directors IT consulting advisory services. We translate geek and Governmental into business English to guide your company.

We are more than just a technology advocate, consultant or computer support. With our impeccable I.T. Management experience, we advise organizations on how to best integrate technology throughout the business, planning, design and more.

IT Consulting defined the right way.

We are not your typical IT consulting firm. We sell only our time and experience. What sets us apart from others is not only our 35 years of Cybersecurity and IT experience, we do not take commissions or any type of selling fee offered by vendors for their product recommendations. We are trusted advisors for the management level on matching your IT infrastructure with your company’s strategic planning, for now, and in the future.

We have extensive experience in C-Suite IT consulting, Cybersecurity consulting in the civilian and defense industry, Zero Trust environments, and Data Center management.  We have the knowledge and experience to help guide you in the right direction.


The one Question you need to ask your director of IT

From your last yearly disaster recovery test what improvements to the system do you recommend we make?

This one question will give you an informed insight into your IT system.  The video explains more.



Why you need to consider using a data center.

No more blinking lights in the office.  We believe that most companies should move their servers to a well-managed data center.